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Kokoa Botanics is a plant-based, plastic-free body care line, offering high-performance, innovative natural deodorants, and body care products that target dry sensitive skin, environmental damage, prematurely aging and offer all-natural support for odor-free, healthy, and glowing skin.

Kokoa was founded on the belief that natural body care encompasses both loving your body and the earth, as we are all one. KOKOA Pronounced [KŌ-KŌ-AH] by definition means “love of the heart”. Founded by a food-science major and naturalist, the Kokoa product line is based off of three core principles:

Pleasure - Fresh creamy luxurious plant butters and oils scented with pure essential oils and plant extracts that leave your skin soft, moisturized and smelling great.

Performance - The most effective balanced ingredients that work. Formulas that have been perfected and tested over and over to support your skins needs and keep you odor free.

Purity - Plant-based and plastic-free, free of synthetic chemicals and animal products with innovative packaging that is completely biodegradable.


Organic, fair-trade Cacao Butter is at the heart of our products. Our Cocoa Butter is single sourced and unrefined from smallholder farmers along the foothills of the Andean Mountain region in Peru. Fair-trade means farmers receive a fair return for their efforts. This all starts with our most loved botanical, Cocoa Butter, Theobroma cacoa (meaning food of the God’s), derived from the fat inside the ripe pods of the cocoa tree. Cocoa’s unique lipid profile makes it a luxurious creamy skincare ingredient, including, oleic acids (omega 9), palmitic acid, phytosterols, Vitamin E and K, linoleic acid (omega 6), myristic acid and alph-linolenic acid (omega-3). Raw cocoa butter is superior to processed cocoa butters in skincare retaining important photochemicals, antioxidants and it’s pleasant aromas, great for dry, sensitive skin.

Committed to providing you Vegan, Toxin-Free, Plastic-Free body care. Absorbs moisture & neutralizes odors. Proven all-day protection. No Harsh Chemicals. Aluminum-free.

Eco-Friendly. Completely Biodegradable.