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Are all of your products plastic free?  All of our packaging is completely plastic free. Our deodorant tubes are made of compostable paperboard.

Do you use palm oil?  No. Our products are palm free.

What is fair-trade mean?  Fair trade means farmers and producers are paid fair prices.

Where do you ship?  We ship within the USA only via USPS.

Are your products paraben free?  Yes. All of our products are free from all parabens and sulphates.

Are your deodorants aluminum-free? Yes. Our deodorants use sodium bicarbonate, zinc oxide or magnesium hydroxide instead of aluminum and aluminum hydrochloride. Used in conventional anti-perspirants, aluminum clogs your pores preventing you from sweating. Arrowroot powder in Kokoa Botanics Deodorants helps absorb moisture to keep you feeling comfortably dry.

Are your products gluten-free?  Yes. Our products are gluten free. Our deodorants have arrow root powder and corn starch to absorb moisture and give you a dry feeling, both are gluten free.

Do you sell wholesale? Yes! We offer wholesale accounts. Contact

Are you on Amazon? No. We are not on Amazon. Being plastic free and sustainable is one of our biggest missions which includes shipping eco-friendly. Your packages come in plastic free shipping materials also. We pride ourselves on being a small independent business.

Are your products ozokerite free? Yes all of our products are ozokerite free. We stick with plant based waxes like candelilla wax and rice bran wax which give our products the smooth glide feel you love.

Ozokerite wax aka "earth wax', "fossil wax" or "mineral wax" is a common wax used in beauty products. It is composed of paraffinic hydrocarbons mined from coal and shale. It goes through a highly processed purification process. Nowadays many of the ozokerite waxes are derived from petroleum.